Secret Of The Outlandish Island


A handsome young man in his early 20’s goes on a magical sea adventure. It was his first time so he was very happy and excited. On the ship, he meets a girl who looked quite mysterious and sombre. She had secrets of her own hidden deep in her heart. She believed that true love only existed in myths and that her life was destined to meet dangers and horrible adventures. Unlike the women of her time, she did not spend time on make-ups and precious cloths but her best friends were books. She loved to read novels and plays written by her favourite scriptwriter Derrick Jason. She was a great fan of him and had read almost everything he wrote. She had opted for this blue-adventure only because she wanted to experience the words that she read of Derrick. She wanted those words to be alive.

She met this young man and found he had same tastes as her and was as fascinating as she had thought of her man in the dreams. Her literary-hero figure was standing right in front of her and she immediately fell in love. After all the happy moments, the girl had a small qualm about her feelings. Happy moments do not dwell forever and that was her conception. His company was like a soothing balm on her soul but there was something missing. She could not think what it was.

After 3 days, the ship came across a huge deserted island. It looked quite sinister and there was no sign of any livelihood. They wanted to explore the area so, the girl, and her man with their crew got down from the ship with necessary paraphernalia. It was almost dawn and the sun was rising behind the huge mountains and trees. There were roots, bushes, and strange berries hanging on the branches and the atmosphere looked haunted and outlandish. Roaming around the place one of their crew members told them a tale of a gargantuan fiend that dwelled on such lonely islands. All of them listened attentively. Some of them believed and some just brushed it off like some child’s tale. The girl who was a part of this group had an uncanny feeling about all this. She felt that if the demon really existed she might find him somewhere on this island. She told her thoughts to her boy He laughed at her first but inside his mind, he too was keen to find the giant island monster who was supposed to turn their lives upside down.

The day moved on and they all came to the middle of the forest. There were several tiny insects’ worms and butterflies flying around their bodies. Feeling thirsty and hungry, the group sat down on a cleaner ground and opened their feast that consisted of bread, cheese wine, and blueberries. They all munched on it and talked about their planned discoveries on the island. The girl was feeling a bit uneasy. She did not show her unsettledness to her man but kept on pondering about the creature of the bucolic hell.

The unnamed island had many tales and fantasies attached to it. The crew members did not know its name but had a slight recognition that it was the Cranium Island. – Lost and Found once again. They kept on walking until was dusk and the sky began to get dark. The man discovered a small grotto hidden by the bushes and he told them to spend the night there. Once settled in they all began to unpack their stuff and made a cup of coffee on the brick-fire stove. The girl was not comfortable but she tried to fall asleep. She bid goodnight to her love and cooing softly in his ears lulled him to sleep.

It was mid-night. The owls were screeching and the flutter of the bats was the only sound that haunted the night. The girl woke up due to parched throat and had some water from the jug. She tried to sleep for few minutes but something was gnawing at the back of her mind. She woke up and stared at the black heavens outside. Moving her quilt aside, she went out of the cave and stood at the shore gazing at the deep black sea. Minutes passed and she was motionless and staring transfixed at the horizons. Suddenly she felt the crunch of dried leaves behind her. “It must be the bats”┬áThis is an island for God’s sake.


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